Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Singin' The Blues

American Apparel dress/Aldo arm cuff/Zara clutch/le Chateau pumps

It's nice to rediscover old pieces you may have forgotten about or thought you didn't like anymore. Take this American Appareal number picked up at their famous warehouse sale a while ago. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the rich colour and drapey skirt! Sometimes all it really takes is leaving something untouched in the ol' closet for a while to re-appreciate it.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Joe Fresh x Debbie

joe fresh summer dress fashion floppy hat wedge sandals
joe fresh summer dress fashion floppy hat wedge sandals ray ban clubmaster
joe fresh summer dress fashion floppy hat wedge sandals ray ban clubmaster
joe fresh summer dress fashion floppy hat wedge sandals ray ban clubmaster
joe fresh summer dress fashion floppy hat wedge sandals ray ban clubmaster
Dress: Joe Fresh (here) / Sandals: Franco Sarto / Hat: Le Chateau / Bag: Nine West (thrifted) / Bangle: Vintage / Sunnies: Ray Ban

If it isn't obvious already, I absolutely love the brand Joe Fresh. You know that clothing section you sometimes notice at the grocery store, well that's Joe. Although their sizing can sometimes be a little tricky, I'd say it's worth the effort finding what works for you. I think this dress says it all. At 19$ regular price, this piece is easy, chic and right on trend. I especially love the added flair at the hem. For anyone looking for stylish, affordable fashion, look no further than the grocery store!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tropical Dream

I was inspired recently by a pair of lia sophia earrings (called "Flamenco" no less) to go a little bit tropical, a little bit wild and a little bit electric in terms of a makeup look. And I'm loving it! There's nothing more fun in the summer than packing on tons of colours, whether it's your hair, your clothes, your makeup or your salad! Here's a quick how-to:
Prime your lids and dust a nude/beige base shadow all over before applying colour. Start with a really bright emerald green (shimmery or matte, I went with shimmer) and cover your entire lid going passed your outer lashes by just a bit. Follow with a bright royal blue (can be shimmery or matte, I went with matte) just on the outer half of your lid on top of the green. I also dabbed on a bit of a navy blue with sparkles on top but just a touch. Don't worry about it being messy at this stage, you just need to get the colour on there.
If this is as crazy as you're feeling, you can start blending the blue with the green where they meet and blending out the edges so they aren't as harsh and call it day. Or you can keep going and also line your lower lash line with the same colours (green on the inner half and blue on the outer half) and dab a bit of light green shimmery shadow on the inside corner of your eyes as a highlighter. This is where I stopped for my look, but if you're really feeling like standing out, finish with some black liner on your upper and lower lash line and a few coats of mascara before topping off the earring-inspired look with a bright fuchsia lip colour.
lia sophia earrings
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Fuchsia Fusion
Sephora Collection Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finish the Outfit

This week, Jackie and I attended the launch event for Finish the Outfit: a new online accessories shop created by Naomi Mechaly. The brand consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings by a variety of designers as well as handbags, scarves and interestingly enough, funky workout leggings which are really fun also. 

This event was so much fun! First of all, the venue "Le Balcon" was gorgeous, a classy rooftop terrasse with couches to lounge on and a full bar as well as a pretty water fountain. We also enjoyed browsing the table of accessories and then getting our photo taken with a few of our favourite pieces from the collection. As a little surprise, our photo was then printed on to a cookie. Yes, I said a cookie!
Lastly, there was a nail bar where you could get a quick manicure, who could say no to that that! Jackie and I both treated ourselves to some bubblegum pink nails!

All in all, the event left us with a good impression of what the spirit of Finish the Outfit is all about: fun and unique! If you are interested, the online shop can be found here:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Hey Frockers! Debbie already gave you guys the Happy Lens scoop in an earlier post and I thought I'd show the different model that I received courtesy of Iris and Spy Optic. I went with a more square-shaped model than Debbie opted for, called "Discord" with the grey green lens. I have to say, I love the lenses. It hardly seems like I am wearings sunglasses, the view through the lenses is so clear and light! And despite this, I can still enjoy the sunny day without squinting and my eyes feel super protected.

In terms of the frames, I like the look of the Discord model, but they are just a bit too big for my face. I actually suggested Kyler try them and lo and behold, they look great on him! I'll be interested to see how they grow and develop their frame collection on the fashion side, as the frame styles are more on the sporty side. All in all, these are some great shades for those golden summer days!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Kiehl's for Men

Debbie and I recently attended an exciting men's wing launch at the Montreal Kiehl's store downtown and the evening did not disappoint! It was a full house that included Montreal musician Jonas Tomalty who provided some music in support of the Head and Hands Foundation. We were there to celebrate the launch of Kiehl's brand new men's line which include products specifically designed with men's needs in mind. Turns out that men tend to have more sebaceous glands and consequently, sweat more and are more prone to oily skin. And of course there's the pesky shaving thing. Enter Kiehl's specialized cleansers, moisturizers, sun care and all sorts of odds and ends for shaving. 
Their line of "Oil Eliminator" products has a particularly interesting story. They use "aerolite" technology which employs the same kind of substance used by NASA as insulating material in space! It's made of 99.98% air by volume and essentially absorbs a lot of the sweat and oil produced by our skin. Talk about "putting space on your face!"
All in all, it was a great night of perusing some fab skincare products, munching on goodies and listening to some sweet tunes. We can't wait to test out some of their products!
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