Friday, May 30, 2014

The IRIS Experience

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the IRIS eye care center to perform a thorough eye exam and learn more about their products and services, particularly the new SPY Happy Lens sunglasses. Because I've never worn prescription eye wear or had any trouble with my vision, it had been a very long time since my last exam. I immediately accepted the opportunity and was amazed by the entire IRIS experience.

As I walked into the IRIS boutique, I was kindly greeted by Vincent, the optician waiting for me at the front desk. Without further ado, I was taken to begin my tests promptly, no waiting whatsoever. The first two tests were simple pre-tests performed by Vincent, the optician, who also made me fill out a quick questionnaire. The questionnaire serves to help evaluate visual demand in your daily activities, your eye health history and any hereditary diseases that may affect your eye health as well. I was then introduced to Josée, the optometrist, a lovely woman who was going to perform the remaining tests which made up the bulk of the eye exam. What's important to note is that an eye exam is not simply an evaluation of visual acuity, but rather, a checkup on overall eye health. Josée and I performed several tests together including the slit lamp exam, a refraction assessment, ophthalmoscopy, tonometry and a pachymetry test to determine corneal thickness.
The eye exam room at IRIS

When all the tests were completed, Josée was happy to announce that my eyes were in excellent condition and there was no need for any prescription. And now the fun part, Vincent brought me over to the display window for the SPY Optic Happy Lens where I was to choose my new pair of sunglasses.  The Happy Lens is actually a really fun new concept that is supposed to protect you from the sun's harmful rays but at the same time maximizing the transmission of the sun's "good" rays, those that improve mood and well, happiness!
Since I didn't find any in their display that suited me right, Vincent allowed me to browse the website to choose another model. I ended up choosing the Quinn model and I was told they would arrive in about a week. Throughout the week, Vincent called me to inform me of the progress of my sunglasses and then later informed me a few days later when they had arrived. An excellent service once again!

I've been wearing my new Quinn glasses with the Happy Grey Green Lens for over a week now and I particularly like the high contrast of the lens and the vibrancy of the colors as well. These are perfect for everyday use especially when I'm driving. Also I think they look pretty cool! Can't wait to wear these babies on the beach somewhere!

And now here I am looking happy in my new Happy Lens!

A big thank you to Melanie, Vincent, Josée and Maria from IRIS and Spy Optic for this wonderful experience!

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