Monday, August 17, 2015

Denim Daydreams

Photos by Kyler Kelly

Dress from China
Globo wedges
F21 sunnies
Levi Strauss Signature belt

Denim is the ultimate wardrobe staple. No matter the season, nothing says "cool" quite like a classic blue denim piece. Denim overalls, jumpsuits and dresses have really been having their moment lately and I can really see why. There's no other style that is so effortlessly casual yet chic, and works on so many people, no matter your shape, size, age, where you live or what you do. And it's one of those things where an inexpensive piece can look just as good or better than its $2000 counterpart. All this to say....I'm really loving denim at the moment!

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Salopette

Overalls: Thrifted / White tank: American Apparel / Sandals: Minelli / Hat: Target

Following up the last post, I bring to you another thrifted gem, this navy pair of overalls that were seemingly made for me. Overalls are such a fun and unique look and I quite enjoy wearing them. I wore these to bike around the city and they were perfect. I had been looking for a pair for quite some time and have tried many denim variations but never quite right. And then suddenly these appear at the thrift store and they fit perfect... How does that work?!
Oh yeah, in French, we call overalls salopette hence the title of the post because the word is so much more fun to say.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Thrift Gods Have Smiled Down On Me

Photos by Kyler Kelly
Vintage dress
Sandals from India

We at Bouquet of Frocks love a good deal more than anything. Debbie and I love to frequent thrift stores and vintage shops, and although these hunts are very hit or miss, once in a while, we find gems worth the hours of riffling through the musty racks only to come up empty-handed.

This is one jewel I snapped up recently at one of the popular vintage shops here in Montreal. Can we first just talk about how this was totally meant to be....just look at how perfectly floor length this is on me! Trust me when I tell you that in all my 5 feet 1 inch glory, this NEVER happens. I have to hem most of my pants. I buy "capris" and wear them as regular pants. I have never seen the top shelves in my kitchen.

And I just love the flowy, retro, boho silhouette this number cuts on me. It's so unique and flattering. And we all know about my floral was a no-brainer. I love wearing it with the sandals I picked up in India, minimal makeup and free-flowing hair, or tied in a low bun. This number has been a real no-fuss, go-to number for me this summer and the black will wear really well into the fall! Thank you, thrifting gods!
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