Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dermablend Professional Cover Creme Review

Dermablend Professional Cover Creme in Yellow Beige (c/o)
Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder in Bisque

- Full coverage foundation, but doesn't feel heavy on my skin.
- Dewy finish without making my skin look oily. It actually made my skin look luminous!
- Good staying power, lasted all day through a variety of activities. It does rub off a bit if you use a tissue.
- Has SPF 30 sun protection.

- Didn't make my boxcar scars disappear. Although short of surgery, I'm not sure what would. It hid them pretty decently.
- Dry or flaky skin does become slightly more pronounced.
- Good staying power. It's a little hard to wash off! May not be the best for a quick, easy, everyday foundation.
I would like to mention also that the colour wasn't quite right for me. You can kind of see the colour of my face doesn't perfectly match the colour of my neck by the end of the first half of the video. It was a bit too dark and orange for my skin tone, so it's hard to judge the colour quality of this product accurately. It doesn't look too bad in the photos because I used a mineral loose powder a few shades lighter than my skin tone as the setting powder, which helped to correct the colour a lot. Still, it may work better for me as a summer foundation when I have a bit more of a tan. Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good full-coverage foundation.

And many thanks to NailPolishCanada for the fun collaboration!

P.S. Sorry for the bad video quality! I've never made a video before, can you tell.....

Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess Preview: Fall 2014

We know, we's barely Spring here in Montreal and we're already thinking about Fall! Debbie and I were recently invited to the Guess showroom for their Fall 2014 preview and what a preview it was! I wouldn't say we're exactly "excited" for fall (we'll probably get there once summer has actually arrived...) but the pieces features sure peaked our interest!

The first thing we noticed as we walked in was a wall that was saturated in denim pieces. During our little tour, we were told that this section was called the “Natural Sweetheart.” These pieces had a rugged yet romantic feeling to them playing up the newest trends of overalls and slip dresses quite nicely. We also learned about the Guess Originals collection which is a limited edition collection of some of the brands most iconic denim pieces from the 80’s and 90’s. So glad to hear that Guess is trying to embrace a more vintage aesthetic.
Debbie and I both oogled this floral slip dress, probably our favourite piece in the whole showroom.
Creams, browns and neutrals were a big part of the fall collection. These warm hues are really reminiscent of crisp fall evenings in the golden glow of a sunset. And what's fall without a bit of faux fur? The ombre look was particularly eye-catching!
These brown leather boots are ALMOST making us excited for fall!
What's a modern fall collection without a nod to the menswear trend, still as strong as ever. We noticed that they used a lot of pretty detailing, short skirts, lace and sequins to soften these looks and bring out a touch of femininity. And this metallic bootie was another stand-out piece for us! It's stunning in person, positively bling-tastic!
The last part of the collection was what they called The Dress Boutique, a small snapshot of their cocktail dresses for fall. Here we saw that white dresses were being carried over into the fall season and lots of  tulip skirts and interesting detailing including some serious fringe. 


Friday, April 25, 2014

Ode to Spring

Photos by Kyler Kelly

 Lightinthebox coat
Zara booties & dress
Modcloth headband
faux fur scarf fr Hong Kong
vintage handbag & gloves
handmade belt

It may be late April, but you wouldn't know it some days. The wind seems particularly bitter this year. I had to go into the closet where I thought I could give my winter gear a well-deserved rest, but alas...the fickle Montreal weather had other ideas. The worst is when it looks sunny outside and that tricks you into thinking it's warm. As soon as you step outside...BAM! I should have worn a thicker coat. Luckily, there's pretty much nothing cozier than my faux fur infinity scarf, picked up in Hong Kong for a song. I'd hate to say it, but I'm getting really tired of my boots and wool coats. Worse than waiting for Christmas or the last day of waiting for spring! Truly, it is a test of sheer will and endurance. The marathon of marathons. We keep rounding the corner expecting to see the finish line...could the next corner be it? Here's hoping!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Green Blossom

Green blouse: Old Navy / Pants: Joe Fresh / Sweater: F21 / Shoes: Topshop / Belt and Hat: Thrifted / Earrings: Lia Sophia

Who would of thought that outfit inspiration could come from a pair of earrings? A couple of weeks ago, jewellery company Lia Sophia sent Jackie and I a few lovely samples of their collection. I really loved the earrings you see in the photos above and went ahead and fashioned an outfit using the green and peachy gold colour combination as my muse. Didn't have to look too far as I was really excited to wear these new Joe Fresh patterned jeans to welcome the spring weather. I also love the combination of all these fresh earthy tones and how refreshing it is to not be wearing any more black. Yay Spring!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jackie's Hair Tutorials: Heidi Braid

heidi milkmaid braid hair tutorial
heidi milkmaid braid hair tutorial
Photos by Kyler Kelly

1) Separate your hair into two sections
2) Braid one side and then tie it so it doesn't undo itself
3) Braid the other side and pull it over the top of your head to the other ear
4) Pin the braid in place with one or two bobby pins
5) Untie the first braid and pull it over the top of your head tucking the ends underneath the other braid
6) Insert lots of bobby pins to hold the braids in place!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Embellish Me

Michael Kors Bromley boots beaded sweater dress lia sophia necklace smokey eye
Michael Kors Bromley boots beaded sweater dress lia sophia necklace smokey eye
Michael Kors Bromley boots beaded sweater dress lia sophia necklace smokey eye
Michael Kors Bromley boots beaded sweater dress lia sophia necklace smokey eye
Michael Kors Bromley boots beaded sweater dress lia sophia necklace smokey eye
Photos by Kyler Kelly

Lightinthebox sweater/Michael Kors boots/lia sophia necklace/old leggings

Who doesn't love a piece that can multi-task? Every woman should own a couple of good ol' fashioned embellished tops. They aren't just tops, they aren't just jewelry, they're both! One of my go-tos is this Lightinthebox number, which instantly turns what could be a plain sweater dress into a knock-out number. Pairing an brown sweater dress with black leggings and sleek leather boots could potentially make this look take a somber turn, but the jewels and beading are the perfect feminine rocker touch to really elevate the ensemble from boring to bold. 

And the cherry on top in this happily eclectic marriage is this hardcore pearl necklace gifted to us by the jewelry company lia sophia, soon to be celebrating their 5th anniversary. I have a soft spot for pearls and this young, edgy, stylized version of a typical pearl necklace really speaks to my love of blending looks for a more intriguing outcome. Some daring combos are better left in the closet than on the streets (I'm sorry, but very few people can pull off the electric blue eye shadow, fuchsia lipstick and leopard-print bodysuit) but I really love the romantic edginess this look embodies. Fashion is a fine line...a squiggly line that goes all over the place, but fine nonetheless!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sugar Shackin' Chic

sugar shack fashion sweater leather leggings army rainboots vintage jewelry
sugar shack fashion sweater leather leggings army rainboots vintage jewelry
sugar shack fashion sweater leather leggings army rainboots vintage jewelry
sugar shack fashion sweater leather leggings army rainboots vintage jewelry
sugar shack fashion sweater leather leggings army rainboots vintage jewelry
Hat and Necklace: Vintage / Coat: Target / Leggings: American Apparel / Boots: Wal-Mart / Handbag: Michael Kors / Sunglasses: F21 / Tops: Joe Fresh and Sirens

The sugar shack (aka cabane à sucre) will always have a special place in the heart of Bouquet of Frocks. After all, it's where the blog was born and it's our baby's first birthday in only a few weeks. Time flies!
The sugar shack outing is not a particularly fancy occasion so I tried to fashion a look that was cozy, comfortable and with a touch of chic. There's nothing like a great fur collar on a coat to amp up an this case, faux fur. It's also really important to wear some sort of rubber footwear because it can get pretty moist and muddy up there especially with all the snow melting. In fact, that's how this outfit came together, it all started with the boots and then voilà! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend, Frockers!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Packing Woes

Photos by Kyler Kelly

F21 shirt, headband, purse/Le Château pants/H&M sweater/Winners scarf/thrifted flats

I don't know about you, but I hate packing and I especially hate travel packing. How can one possibly account for all fashion necessities in one carry-on and one checked bag? The worst is when the range of temperature will be at least a 30 degree difference. Down coat? Sandals? Wool sweater? Crop top? What's a girl to do...

I've learned that layering is key. Case-in-point, one of my most well-worn combos during my whirlwind trip to China recently: black pants and a classic chambray shirt. Not only do black pants go with everything, but pairing it with a chambray shirt is an easy way to kick casual travel comfort up a notch. And for those chillier days, I just layered on a cozy sweater or draped a scarf over my shoulders and called it a day.

P.S. I've really gotten into "waist purses" aka FANNY PACKS! There's really nothing better for hands-free traipsing around the globe. There's just enough room to fit a passport, a phone, some lipgloss and a sense of adventure.
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