Friday, June 26, 2015

Chic Summer Romper

Romper: Jessica Simpson / Hat: F21 / Shoes: Tahari via Winners / Necklace: Smart Set

Usually, when I think romper, I think casual and fun but this particular piece really kicks it up a notch. It's some sort of romper/skort/wrap dress hybrid if you look closely and is really quite chic if you dress it up appropriately. The shortness of the skort portion is balanced out by the longer sleeve which is well thought out. All in all, it's a great summer piece that I found at my local thrift store with the tags still on it (can you believe that?). Nothing makes my day like a good find such as this one. The only thing I'm really missing now is a summer tan!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Little White Dress

The search has begun for THE dress. The dress to end all dresses. The one time in your life you can really look like a fairy-tale princess and instead of furrowing brows of bemusement, you get nods of approval and the occasional gasp of awe. 

They say you know THE DRESS as soon as you put it on, but as with THE ONE, I don't really believe in that stuff. Odds are, I'll probably get too frustrated with the many choices and limited budget and end up picking something that "will do." In all honestly, my dream dress would be a flowing Elie Saab number with floral appliques or a Reem Acra beaded cap sleeve dream....But alas, the thousands-of-dollars price tag is enough for me to know it is not for this lifetime, so anything else would probably simply have to "do."

Luckily for me, I'm skipping the next few rungs of the dress ladder down past those poofy bridal gowns synonymous with tying the knot. I really have no interest in looking like a fairy-tale princess. I'd rather use this as an excuse to buy a pretty dress I could wear again. Also, I find those bridal salons to be quite intimidating. So, I have started the dress hunt at a little Montreal boutique called Boutique 1861, where pretty abounds. This is my kinda place! Retro-inspired pieces, lovely special-occasion dresses that aren't your typical taffeta gowns reminiscent of traditional prom dresses, and a collection of little white dresses that could make for very unique and affordable wedding dresses.

Here are just some of the dresses I ended up trying on. What do you guys think?


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Shorts: Lux (via Urban Outfitters) / Top: F21 / Hat: F21 / Sandals: Old Navy

Nothing I love more than taking the ol' bike out for a spin on one of those perfect sunny days. But I also love a little effortless bicycle fashion too. I discovered the most perfect term "bicichic" on instagram recently and thought that word perfectly captured that kind of vintage image in your head of a charming woman on a bike in a dress with heels hanging off the bike pedals with maybe an Italian city like Rome or Naples in the backdrop...hmm, is it just me? Well anyway, here is my own little version of that look, not quite as cinematic and romantic, but feeling good!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Heading Out For A Spot of Tea

Hey Frockers, just sharing some quick pics from a recent outing to afternoon tea at Birks. It's quite an affair. You enter the prestigious jewelry store downtown and low and behold, up a small flight of stairs on your right is a small dining room where you can enjoy some rich sandwiches, desserts and tea while overlooking a sea of diamonds. We just managed to catch the blossom trees too, which seem to only bloom about a week, two if we're lucky, every year. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Vintage pumps and handbag/dress from China

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Fiance Does My Makeup!

I've been making the YouTube beauty guru rounds lately and the "boyfriend does my makeup" thing has got to be one of my favourites. I mean those guys are such good sports, cause it's not like I would want anyone filming me doing something I have no idea how to do...that sounds terrifying! So I thought I'd ask Kyler if he wanted to film one with me and these are the results:

The camera quality could be better (we still haven't gotten a proper one) but I think you get the gist. Poor guy, he was so nervous and shy on camera, so go easy on him! I think he did a decent job.

He said he would be up to trying again too, so what do you guys think? Should I challenge him to do the most contoured, smokey-eyed, cohesive look ever?
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