Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dermablend Professional Cover Creme Review - Take 2!

Last week, Jackie offered you a review of her experience using the Dermablend Professional Cover Creme in Yellow Beige. Since it wasn't quite the right colour for her, we decided to offer a second take on the product using my face as the canvas. 

Let's get right into it with the before and after shots:
Using the small spatula that comes with the cover creme, I placed a small amount on the top of my hand and rubbed it around to get a creamier consistency. This is an important step for this particular makeup as it comes in a pretty solid state. After applying the creme throughout my whole face, I did notice that the colour was still slightly too dark for my skin tone. Ideally, I like a foundation that is a little lighter than my skin since I use blush and bronzer to darken my face afterwards.

The main skin issue that I struggle with is dark circles under my eyes and I have to say that this product offered quite a full coverage. I also had a few little red pimples in some areas of my face and these were completely invisible after applying the Cover Creme. I also really loved the way it felt on my skin even after applying quite a bit throughout my whole face. I was surprised to find that the makeup felt extremely smooth and very lightweight, actually felt like my own skin. I wore the makeup for the whole day and did not have any dry or oily effect, it stayed on very nicely. And lastly, as an added bonus, the foundation offers SPF 30 protection!

Unlike Jackie, I felt like the makeup made my skin look really matte and not luminous at all. This is not a huge problem since I use highlighters and bronzer to brighten up my face. Also, if you look at the after photo, I feel like the makeup is very visible. I would like to note that I'm not wearing any other makeup therefore this type of full coverage foundation should definitely be worn with a fully made up face and shouldn't just be worn alone.

All in all, I would say the pros outweigh the cons. I wouldn't use this foundation on a daily basis but I think it is perfect for a special event when you are looking for that full coverage.

Many thanks to NailPolishCanada for the fun collaboration!

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