Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Hey Frockers! Debbie already gave you guys the Happy Lens scoop in an earlier post and I thought I'd show the different model that I received courtesy of Iris and Spy Optic. I went with a more square-shaped model than Debbie opted for, called "Discord" with the grey green lens. I have to say, I love the lenses. It hardly seems like I am wearings sunglasses, the view through the lenses is so clear and light! And despite this, I can still enjoy the sunny day without squinting and my eyes feel super protected.

In terms of the frames, I like the look of the Discord model, but they are just a bit too big for my face. I actually suggested Kyler try them and lo and behold, they look great on him! I'll be interested to see how they grow and develop their frame collection on the fashion side, as the frame styles are more on the sporty side. All in all, these are some great shades for those golden summer days!


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