Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Handbag Alternative

Don't get me wrong, I love a chic designer handbag as much as the next girl, but recently I made the switch to a cute little leather backpack to house my lady essentials. Granted, I may look like a young schoolgirl or perhaps reminiscent of a 90's teenager...wait a minute there ain't nothing wrong with any of those two images. I digress. The reason for this post is to let you know how this bag has simplified my life on a daily basis, most significantly on my lunch-hour shopping excursions. For any girl who has ever attempted to try on a pair of sandals from the sale rack while simultaneously trying to balance a purse on their shoulder (to no success- the purse almost always tumbles down to your forearm in a swift yank just as you're about to buckle that tiny sandle strap) I suggest you give the ol' mini backsack purse a try. Go on, you can thank me later.
backpack napsack fashion handbag
backpack napsack fashion handbag

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  1. That's really a nice replacement you've shown me. Thanks Debbie for sharing this post. I liked the design of bag. Where you think I can get this bag? I'm more likely to shop online, but sometime when I can't find things I like, there is no other option besides going out. lolz. If you like to buy stuff online, I'm sharing a link you might like. Do revert back to me so that i can buy this designer devil. Love



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