Friday, July 12, 2013

Head Gear

Now that the warmer weather has officially settled in, I find myself pulling out some of my best summer head gear. This weekend, I did one of my usual excursions to Forever 21 and walked out with two new pieces to add to my collection. Headbands and headscarves are especially great in summer as an easy alternative to keep hair out of the face and at the same time, keep you feeling effortlessly chic. Here are just a few examples of headbands and headscarves for your indulgence.(Frankly, I realize headband #2 is quite obviously reminiscent of Minnie Mouse, but that's the point.) Don't be intimidated by a good old-fashioned headscarf. It really is a classic way to add a little fun to any outfit!  
fashion summer headscarf headband hair accesories
1 and 4: Vintage scarves from my grandmother's collection. 
2 and 3: Forever 21 
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