Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Denim Daze

denim jean miniskirt cowboy boots floral top
denim dress summer fashion
denim jean miniskirt cowboy boots floral top
cowboy boots

Jackie: You know what I love Debbie? A good ol' pair of cowboy boots. And if they are Italian-made for 8 dollars...well that's even better! For this look, I paired them with a classic denim miniskirt (honestly, I have to do it now while I can still get away with such daring hemlines!) and a sheer and easy floral top. 

Debbie: I agree, gotta show off those legs while we still can! For my look, I pulled this sweet little denim dress from my closet to help enhance my southern belle persona. I've always kind of fantasized about living in the south mostly because I love the perpetual golden glow that comes with that fantasy. My sandals are also vintage and cost me a whole 8 dollars as well.

denim dress summer fashion
summer vintage sandals fashion

Photos by Kyler Kelly

On Debbie: Forever 21 dress / Thrifted sandals
On Jackie: Forever 21 floral top (on sale for 3$!) / Really old denim skirt / Thrifted cowboy boots

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  1. Beauties!!:)




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