Sunday, July 14, 2013

For the Valentino Lovers On a Budget

I have been waiting forever for someone to replicate my favorite Valentino low pump. As the price tag on these is rather steep, I have no real other choice. I have even shamelessly typed in the words "Valentino Shoe Replica" into my Google searches but to no avail. I first discovered this Valentino pump as it kept reappearing on the feet of my number one fashion idol, the remarkable Giovanna Battaglia. See here. And now, finally, Zara has answered my prayers. While doing my usual browse, I came across these lovelies:

Zara Shoes Valentino shoe replica fashion
valentino shoe replica fashion zara
As the euphoria began to wear off, the obvious dilemma made itself apparent. Which colour would I be adopting into my shoe family? The luscious red: fun, exotic, sexy...or the classic nude: a shoe that goes with everything. 

Which colour do you prefer?
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