Friday, November 6, 2015

Kiss Nail 2016 Preview

Ok Frockers, I need to catch my breath for a second because I have just been to the most exciting press event of the year so far...the Kiss 2016 preview! Now, everyone and their mother knows by now how much I LOVE a good mani, especially with some funky nail art. The Kiss event did not disappoint. We met celebrity nail artist Gina Edwards (she's touched Lady Gaga's hands y'all), who walked us through some releases from the brand for the coming year. From stick-on nails to make-your-own-glitter-polish kits, I gotta say, their new releases are some of the most exciting things I've come across in nail art in a while.

I was quite intrigued by the waterless nail tattoos. They are so easy to apply, they don't have adhesive but you just press it into your nail and it sticks! And they are much thinner than traditional nail stickers, so it's a much more sleek and professional look.

And I'm also super excited to try their blooming lashes. Whereas most false eyelashes have a single angle to each lash, this collection has multi-angled lashes that gives a really cool, more natural yet voluminous effect. They come in 6 different styles and I'm so happy Kiss gave me some to try because they won't be released until December 2016 and I think they would be really great on a bride. So thank you Kiss!

I also loved their DIY glitter polish kits. They are super fun and the glitter they include in the kits are really pretty! Here are a couple of my concoctions. I just can't get over all the sparkle...

No doubt about it, I was in mani heaven!



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