Monday, November 23, 2015

Coated in Houndstooth


Ann Taylor (thrifted) coat
Shoes from Winners
Dress from China
Old socks

Coats are the bane of my existence. Don't get me wrong, I both love and need a coat for all occasions, but I find it very difficult to find outerwear that fits me correctly, let alone looks flattering on me. Maybe my shoulders are too narrow for how wide my torso is, but the shoulders and arms always look terrible on me, like the coat is sizes too big, even if it fits me everywhere else just fine. Anyway, every once in a blue moon, the thrift gods are looking out for me, sometimes when I least expect it. 

I stumbled upon this houndstooth number in the summer but I knew it was meant to be. I had been looking for an oversized overcoat for about two winters but (re: my weirdly proportioned upper body), every oversized coat style I've ever tried looks HUUUUGE on me, like I accidentally got 2 sizes too big. This Ann Taylor number, however, fit me like a dream. It's loose and flowy, but not overwhelming for my petite frame. 

And I love houndstooth, especially for fall. I was really feeling the monochromatic thing for this look and paired it with a simple white shift dress, over-the-knee socks and woven flats. And I threw in a good ol' faux bob, which I felt paired really well with a sort of retro-looking coat.

Happy Monday Frockers!

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