Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Perpetual Montreal Winter

Photos by Kyler Kelly

Aldo headband/RW&Co coat/Simons shirt and mittens/F21 cardigan and skirt/Winners leg warmers/Spring boots/Kate Spade handbag

I know, I know, you're all tired of all this WINTER-WOE-IS-ME!! thing.....believe me, so am I.

What can I say? It's getting really hard to ignore how awful it is in Montreal right now. It's the end of February and still -30, with a fresh pile of snow on the ground. It's as if the weather report is just taunting us. I always check that 14-day forecast and near the end of the two weeks, they always say the temperature is going to creep up there to the single digits below 0, but as the days pass, the numbers drop and they renew their 2-week promise, never to be fulfilled....

Those bastards.

You would think I'd get used to these long, hard winters here but no, not me. Every February is brutal because it's the coldest month and the month when you're the most sick of winter. You would be hard-pressed to find me at home (if I don't have to leave the house) in anything other than my cozy PJs and robe, wrapped up in a blanket. When I do venture out, you'll find me bundled up in my go-to down coat from RW&Co, my favourite wool mittens from Simons and cause I just can't pass up the opportunity to mismatch my prints, my fair isle leg warmers and houndstooth snow boots.

A new addition this winter for me is this lovely beaded headband from Aldo! It's so warm and snug with just a touch of flair. If you're looking for a fun, modern alternative to a plain old winter hat, I highly recommend a wool headband. I mean it will never rival a floral sundress in my heart, but I gotta say, it does soften that cruel, cruel winter punch in the gut.

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