Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Farewell to Target

When the news broke out a few a weeks ago that Target would be leaving Canada, I was not surprised but I was deeply saddened. I had already heard rumors of the company's major debt and demise and so I was spared the shock factor. However, like many of you, I feel like the loss of Target stores will leave a significant void in my shopper's heart.

It's hard to explain but I believe I held a special relationship with Target that ran deeper than simple retail. It was a shopping experience like no other and it quickly became a weekly ritual. My Target visits almost religiously started off the same ol' way, at the Starbucks counter, "I'll have the cranberry-lemon scone and a small Blonde roast please." I'd clip that red cup holder to my shopping cart, and so the adventure began. It wasn't just about consuming, it was also about having some quality me time. My trips to Target were like a mini-vacation, if you will, maybe because I associated  the feeling of a Target store with trips to Florida, it always felt like an escape. I loved taking my time browsing the aisles, checking out the clothing, the shoes, the home decor, the makeup, and even the greeting cards section was a favorite. The store was usually peaceful on those early Saturday mornings, never too crowded. If I happened to walk out of there with a new lipstick and a pair of jeans well so be it, I was happy. 

As it stands, the shelves are getting emptier and emptier as we patiently await the start of the reported liquidation sales. And although I adore sales of any kind, this one will be tinged with the sadness of losing a good friend I was just getting to know. It was great while it lasted, Target!  

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