Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year, New Makeup

Ok this is going to be a quickie post cause I'm pretty busy with a new semester starting again and all but I've been meaning to give a serious shout-out to some newly-discovered products that I am in love with. Full disclosure, Marcelle cosmetics gifted us some products a little while ago, but they are not paying me to write this. I was actually pleasantly surprised by two of the products they gave us and had to tell you guys about it.

First up is the Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-Pro Slanted Waterproof Pencil + Tinted Gel. Say that five times fast. I LOVE this brow pencil. The shape of the pencil is actually a sort of flat rectangle with a slanted edge and I find this to be much more conducive to soft brow shape than a pencil-shaped pencil, which can result in some pretty "drawn on" brows. This is pretty perfect for just filling in the patchy parts and giving a bit of definition. It also comes with a tinted gel and who doesn't love a good ol' two-in-one product? My only con is that I wish the colour "dark" were a bit darker. It's a deep brown that doesn't look bad on me but I think a slightly darker hue would look better on us raven-haired ladies.

And next up, I wanted to tell you about the Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen, another two in one product, with a brush tip on one end and a felt tip on the other. I have to say the pigmentation could be better, the black isn't the blackest I've seen, but the staying power is UNBELIEVABLE. And trust me, I have tried several waterproof, super stay, 12-hour wear liquid liners and they always, always smudge, leaving an unsightly black line right in my crease. I'm talking everything from the budget brands to Kat Von D's tattoo liner, my previous fav. It's not their fault really, I just have oily lids. But for some reason, the Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen stays put! And I really don't know why because other Marcelle products smudge on me like all the others. So if you suffer from oily eyelids like me, I highly recommend this eyeliner pen!


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