Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sneaker Chic

Coat: Primark / Sweater and hat: F21 / Leggings: Joe Fresh / Shoes: Nike via The Bay

Yo girls! I'm here today to tell you about my recent obsession with sneakers. For a long time, I simply avoided any type of athletic looking shoe and felt no place for them in my life. But suddenly, in the past couple of years, I've noticed that sneakers are really making a come back in a chic way. Adding your favourite sneakers to a fashionable outfit can add that perfect element of "effortless chic" that every girl strives for. And who can complain about that, they're comfortable!
The Nikes above are my most recent purchase and I got them on boxing day at The Bay for a sweet deal! A black and white pair is a good place to start because it's extra easy to incorporate. I know we aren't quite in ideal sneaker-wearing weather right now but I couldn't resist. Totally embracing this new sneaker love!

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