Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Spice

Photos by Kyler Kelly

American Eagle jean/Vintage vest and boots/Blouse from Korea

It's official. Fall is here! How do I know? There's a nip in the air, I had my first caramel apple spice from Starbucks yesterday and Atwater Market is awash with pumpkins. Some are so tiny they could fit in the palm of my hand, Some are so large, I'm pretty sure they weigh more than three of me combined. Oh yeah, and students are cramming for midterms.

But I took a break from the books to stroll through the market recently and collect some small pumpkins for my doorway, an annual October tradition. They sit, waiting patiently for about a week or so before Halloween when I bring them in, carve them out, bake their seeds and display their scary visages for all the neighbourhood kids to see. For this casual fall outing, I donned a polka dot chiffon blouse I picked up when I was in Seoul last year, dark skinny jeans, and vintage vest and boots. Fall never felt so good!


  1. Hey girls, LOVE this post. Check out my most recent blog post, here:
    Hope you can make it!
    With Love,

    1. Thanks Cristina! Looking good ;) We'll try to make it for sure.


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