Friday, October 3, 2014

A Simple Formula

F21 skirt / H&M jacket / American Apparel shirt / Zara shoes / Thrifted Hat and Belt

The seasonal transition between summer and fall can be one of the most sartorially confusing times of the year. I know that for me, it is definitely the most challenging time no matter how much I prepare and do my fashion research (yes I just said research! haha). Therefore, I think sometimes it can be helpful to have a few simple formulas you can fall back on. Ok example, it might not look it at first, but this is a real easy outfit I would encourage anyone to try. Black skirt + white shirt + fun jacket! It really is the simplest formula and I think several variations of this would work perfectly well. Next time you're stuck, just think of one of those simple formulas, and bring it to life!

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