Monday, October 6, 2014

Cream of the Crop

Photos by Kyler Kelly

Zara dress/H&M cardigan/vintage flats

There's nothing that says fall quite like a dusty, neutral palette. I'm not a huge fan of browns in clothing, but I love creams, beiges, and nudes. Especially cream. It's so light, elegant and warm. This dress was a Zara find (gifted by my cousin Annie) and it just reminds me of a golden afternoon in a rustic country setting. I know, I know....spoken like a true city girl. This look is probably best for lounging in the garden! And what's more, the dress carries my all-time favourite print (floral, could you guess?) well into the autumn theme. Just throw on a light cardigan and neutral flats and voilà: a simple, cute, country, fall-chic look.

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