Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where Everyone's In Love and Flowers Pick Themselves

 Photos by Kyler Kelly

F21 cardigan/American Apparel unitard/thrifted flats

You would think I love all things floral, but you'd be wrong. Some floral prints make my eyebrows furrow, not gonna lie. It could be the colour choices, the design of the buds, the layout of stems ... I am a discerning floral lover! This beauty hit all the high notes just right. The rich blue, the stylized blooms, the cut of the hem and sleeves ... just add to that, the fact that I can now wear my favourite unitard to work without getting sent home like a 12-year-old and it was a match made in heaven. I love the whimsy and easy decadence this print introduces to what could have been a very casual silhouette. No question, it was love at first sight with this sheer floral number!


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  2. I was going to ask where I could find this, but I found it online at Forever 21, it's called the "Whimsical Floral Kimono." It might be helpful to include the link or name next time. Great photos, it's crazy how much better it looks here than it does on the site. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! :) We do edit the photos a bit afterwards but we're glad you like them! No photos really do this thing justice though, it's gorgeous in person. That's a good idea about including a link too, but it's not always possible as a lot of our clothes are not current purchases. You can always feel free to ask us for more specifics on our pieces if something catches your eye! :)

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