Monday, March 31, 2014

The Cape Crusader

Photos by Kyler Kelly

I really can't say enough about the benefits of a good cape when traveling. There's nothing quite so enchanting and surprisingly versatile. You don't need punchy colours, heavy accessories or second-guesses. It elevates itself into the fashion stratosphere.

I recently went on a trip to China and this number really came through for me. Whether it was paired simply with jeans, a short shift dress or knee-socks and booties, I didn't spend a single sight-seeing day feeling dowdy. Despite the simplicity of the colour and design, the whole idea of a cape just adds intrigue to any outfit. In order to steer clear of the potentially frumpy silhouette, I made sure my legs were always well-defined in some classic skinny jeans or shorter hem-lined dresses. And for those brisker days, I threw on a dusty rose scarf and wool gloves. Granted, a cape may not be the best choice if the mercury drops below the double digits, but this beauty got me from Beijing to Guangzhou in style. What are your favourite travel must-haves?


  1. gorge!!! love the bright flowers behind the black cape
    francesca from Frank Vinyl

    1. Thanks so much Francesca! The flowers are quite lovely :)

  2. wow! your pics are so nice and shiny!) really amazing

    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,


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