Monday, August 19, 2013

The Devil is in the Details

I was at the Musée des beaux-arts recently to check out their Chihuly exhibit and if I had to sum up the show in a few words, I'd say it was lovely but menacing, like the ocean or deep space. The jungle of forms, pointed, smooth and spotted, were all moving together, reaching for something invisible. Naturally, I began thinking about how long it took them to decide on the angle and location of each piece of the puzzle, not to mention installing them one by one. . .

Chihuly Montreal Museum Fine Arts musee des beaux arts blown glass exhibit

It really reminded me of fashion and all the little details and pieces that come together to tell a story. It's all about tiny parts working and moving as one to create an image. Each piece, while lovely on its own, really doesn't reach its impact potential until joined with something else in just the right way. 

Like with any art form, attention to detail is key.

bangles bracelets arm candy
print skirt stitching mirror
Thrifted skirt, bangles, binocular case as purse
F21 top and necklace
Aldo sunglasses

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