Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Like A Million Bucks

Ladies (and gents), you may have noticed that I love a good bargain. It is my firm belief that you don't need to spend a ton on designer labels to make a statement! Even if you're not trying to make a statement, and you just don't want to look like a hobo.

You really can't go wrong shopping at thrift stores and cheap chains. It may take a bit of hunting around and creatively to piece all the details together (see The Devil Is In The Details), but allow me to be your thrifty tutor, your cheap coach, your penny-pinching pedagogue, and you'll discover the wonders of the $5 bin, how to cheap out on trends that you won't care about in a month, and the ever-elusive ripped-up-but-fixable sales rack find.

Ya don't need to spend a million bucks, to look like a million bucks!

Photos by Kyler Kelly

Thrifted top($5), shoes($5), purse($3)/F21 shorts($5)/Urban Outfitters sunglasses($18)/Ardene hat($7)
TOTAL: $42

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