Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Love Love This Dress

Photos by Kyler Kelly

F21 jacket/thrifted (Zara) dress/Le Chateau pumps/thrifted sunnies

I can't even remember when I got this darling Zara dress from that consignment store in Vancouver. It must have been 6 or 7 years ago. It has been my favourite dress for many moons. Poor thing is on its last legs! I only bring it out for special occasions nowadays for fear it will simply fall apart while I'm wearing it.

We all have those pieces...those favourite pieces, torn and tattered from years of love, the ones we refuse to retire, the ones we push on passed their prime. It's rare for me to have a piece of clothing I love so much that it fades and wears out long before I grow tired of it. It's much easier to fall out of love than to watch it disintegrate. But boy we had some good times. Riding the carousel round with past flames, strolling along el Malecon in Havana....

Some people might not get it, but fashion to me is art. It's as real and beautiful as anything in nature, on the plates in the finest restaurants, on the walls in the loveliest galleries. Whether or not fashion is your cup of tea, you all know what I'm talking about! Finding something, anything, that really speaks to you, that takes your breath away and brings you joy....well that's just sublime.

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