Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eyelash Perm: Before and After

Frockers, you're gonna have to bear with me on this post because I;m actually on the road right now and have never tried to post via the blogger app. But I just wanted to share some pics of this recent beauty procedure I tried for the first time. 

My eyelashes are unfortunately short, sparse and stick straight. There may never be a miracle fix for me to get those long luscious lashes I want but I tried eyelash perming for the first time after months of curiosity and the results are actually not bad. They look very similar to the effect of a regular curling iron but I noticed two immediate differences. One being they keep their curl after getting wet and two being I can wear regular mascara now and the curl keeps. Straight lashes tend to go back to being straight with regular mascara even after you curl them. I used to always use waterproof mascara which isn't the best for your lashes. 
I would recommend you go to a good place to get it done though, if you're interested. I did notice a few of my lashes were a bit scraggly, from being moved from their proper position when the solution was in. 

As for how long the curl lasts depends on me. Eyelashes naturally fall out after 3-4 weeks so I was hoping to be able to ditch the curler for my latest international adventure and have perfectly curled lashes on the go!


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