Thursday, September 12, 2013

Punk For A Day

Photos by Michael Vesia

As mentioned in an earlier post this week, we recently collaborated with talented urban photographer, Michael Vesia, and the results were fantastic. Although Vesia's usual subjects are cityscapes, he was eager to collaborate with a couple of fashionites and the feeling was mutual! He had a specific location in mind while we were struggling with how to get into one of the major trends this fall and it all came together to create an urban punk concept.

As you may have guessed, Debbie and I aren't super into the whole punk look. Give us some floral prints and lace dresses any day of the week, but spikes and studs...not so much. But that got us thinking...there are easy ways to enjoy a look without going all in! I'm donning a classic leather jacket paired with a black lace top and coral skinny jeans, while Debbie opted for a pleated leather skirt, cream Peter Pan-collared blouse and floppy hat. There are many ways to make a style your own and sometimes the best way to embrace a look you're not sure about is just to incorporate small parts, or have one key piece and work around it. Never be afraid to make trends your own, and always be true to your personal style.

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