Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Shoe Closet Switcheroo

It’s that time of year, fashionites. The time to put away those riding boots that seemed so dear to you 6 months ago and replace them with all sorts of open-toed wonders.

Because of my room’s lack of square footage , I keep my babies packed away most of the year in a storage box. And by babies, I refer to my most favorite type of footwear, les sandales
Every year, I seem to experience some sort of shoe amnesia and forget how many sandals I actually own. After I finished unpacking, I was shocked to discover not only the quantity of footwear but the similarity of them all.
All this to say that I can't wait to wear each and every single one of you babies!
A special shout-out to my favorite sandals seen below. Strappy tan-colored sandals in the softest leather you ever did feel.

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