Saturday, October 17, 2015

Marc Cain: The New Man in Town

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Marc Cain showroom, a repurposed industrial space now housing the brands head-office and latest collections. A quick look around and the first thing you notice is the pristine, white appearance of the space, a theme that is consistent within the brand's image worldwide. Just to present a little background, Marc Cain is an upscale German women's fashion brand that has recently entered the Canadian market. They recently opened a free standing store at our very own Carrefour Laval and I'm sure we will see more shops popping up in the near future. The price point is of course a little higher (think JCrew) but the quality and high end fabrics reflect this also.

Now, about the collection...GORGEOUS. On showcase was the brand's Spring/Summer 2016 collection which features everything from sporty casual apparel to trendy formalwear. We saw everything from floral prints to fish prints to denim to fringe and finally, a lil white romantic crochet (my favourite) for good measure. The collection is so immense that it covered many of what you might call our favourite fashion themes: Nautical, Boho, Lightweight Romantic, Sneaker Chic, they had it all. 

Just check out this showroom. A vast collection and a feast for the eyes.
This next section is perhaps one of my favourites. Those lightweight romantic gowns at the front with such elegant beading, very beautiful indeed. And then the perfect little clutch to go with...
And here, you get a glimpse (on the right) of my other favourite theme, that's right: The Citrus Fruit Print! The print and these colours conjure up fantasies of lemonade drinking somewhere in Hawaii... Amirite?
THIS DRESS: nuff said. 
Okay next, just a quick example of the brand's Sport collection, some trendy fitted joggers with yes, those are indeed tiny palm trees *sigh*
And finally, throwing in a few examples of footwear. Again, showcasing the collection's breadth, a sexy strappy sandal and a floral slip-on sneaker. The sneaker chic trend definitely lives on.
All in all, the collection was lovely and really in tune with the BOF aesthetic.
Can't wait to see what they come up with next!
You can visit their online shop here:

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