Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Little Bit of Bridal Glam

Happy Canada Day, Frockers! I thought I'd wish Canada a happy birthday with a little bit of glam and share my latest wedding makeup adventure with y'all. As you know, I've been messing around with looks for the past few months to try and find one that really speaks to me and I think I may have stumbled upon the one.

Of course, it will all depend on the dress in the end, but I came up with a pretty great look by accident! I was seriously just messing around and then this happened:


Ignore the wonky eyelashes and eyebrows please! I still need some practice in some areas...

So anyway, I surprised and impressed myself and was eager to not let this be a fluke. I filmed a tutorial so I could practice and remind myself how I did this at any time in the future. Also, I had posted these pics on Reddit to ask for some internet stranger advice (aka the most honest kind) and it got so many upvotes and kind comments. It was really overwhelming. I honestly thought I might be crucified for having crazy eyebrows and uneven shadow application, but a few people even asked for a tutorial, so as soon as I had some free time, I filmed my very first makeup tutorial. Hope you guys like it!



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