Friday, April 17, 2015

French Connection 2015 Fall/Winter Preview


Yesterday, I had a chance to take a quick peek at the French Connection Fall/Winter 2015 line and although I gotta say, I have barely begun to explore Spring and Summer, a few pieces from their collections really caught my eye.

The themes of the day were the usual suspects: lots of patterns, blacks, grunge, punk rock and retro styles, with some pop of colours like bright yellow and tomato red. There were also plenty of oversized sweaters and coats, with faux fur collars and capes (which you all know I adore!) But the pieces that really caught my eye were the party looks for Christmas and New Years, not to mention how they incorporated the same kinds of details in more casual pieces as well. It was all about the embellishments and little details. Tons of fringe hems, feathers, sequins and beading! There were so many fun party pieces that really made me rethink my whole winter hibernation habit. I gotta start finding more parties to go to...

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