Tuesday, March 31, 2015

F21, Our BFF

F21 jeans, jacket/Restoration Hardware faux fur scarf/Zara booties/Louis Vuitton handbag

It's every frugal fashionite's best-kept secret that's actually not so secret. I'm talking Forever 21 y'all! Along with Zara, H&M and a slew of other designer-inspired discount boutiques, F21 offers basic and trendy garb for much less. Is the quality the best there is? No, and I don't think anyone shopping there is under that impression. It's a place to take some fashion chances without the guilt of spending your entire shopping budget on a single shirt. Go ahead and experiment with the peplum silhouette, crop tops and floppy fedoras. F21 is the place to do it.

I'm a strong believer that despite the fashion industry's elitist and exclusionary undertones, there's no reason why average Joes and Janes can't partake in making some style magic, simply because they can't afford $1000 shirts. Forget $1000 shirts....I don't even have the stomach or the means to drop a hundred bucks on a single top, no matter how many angels spun the threads from golden looms. The guilt would just keep me up at night....

Don't get me wrong. If we can afford it, there's something to be said for supporting our local designers and boutiques. They are attempting something I would never have the balls to do and supporting a principle is something that's worth a few extra bucks. But for those of us who can't, we are pretty glad we still have some options.

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