Sunday, November 2, 2014

Light Jeans: Not Just a Summer Thing!

Coat: H&M / Jeans: TJ Maxx / Top: Zara / Shoes: Old Navy / Bag: F21 / Scarf: Thrifted

What stands out most to me about this outfit is that I am wearing light jeans and it is not summer. Lately, I've had a change of heart about my preference in denim washes. For the longest time, I swore by dark denim, it felt so crisp and sophisticated and just, well, cool. But lately, a light wash has really been doing it for me and I'm learning to adopt lighter shades in colder seasons, something that has always been a challenge for me. And another thing, wearing dark shoes with light pants is a look that generally feels weird to me. But why? There's no point in hanging on to these fashion fallacies, just throw on your baddest beige trench and you're ready for anything!

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