Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Golden Rule

Photos by Kyler Kelly

Sammydress frock & handbag/F21 belt & headband/vintage heels/old cardigan

To be honest, metallics aren't really my thing, unless we're talking eyeshadow of course! If you're the same, a fun way to incorporate a hits of metal into your look is with a stylish belt, pretty headband, or chic handbag. I am partial to both silver and gold tones (and lately I've been kind of obsessed with rose gold, but that's a story for another post) and in this look, adding pops of gold really add an extra element of fun to a pretty but plain nude dress. The warmth of the gold compliments the frock perfectly and if you look closely, there is no metal on my headband, only beads and sequins. But the way it adds shine and reflects light certainly does the trick! And although the belt is large and wide, the minimalistic design mimics the simplicity and elegance of the dress, and keeps it from overwhelming the outfit. I finished the look with a cream-coloured quilted handbag avec metallic strap and called it a day.

Sometimes, it's all in the accessories.

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