Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One More Coat for the Collection

fur collar black beret
fur collar black beret  burgundy coat target gold sandals
fur collar black beret  burgundy coat target
fur collar black beret  burgundy coat target
Coat: Target / Hat: American Apparel / Shoes: hand me down

A few weeks ago, I purchased this new coat. I don't think you would ever guess but I got this fur-collared beauty at Target. As I mentioned in my last post, Target is becoming my new fave hangout. For any American readers, it should be noted that Target has only started opening stores in Montreal a couple of months ago so it's still very new and exciting to us Quebecers. I justified this outerwear purchase by telling myself that every girl should own at least one burgundy coat. And just like that, one more coat for the collection. Boom.


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