Thursday, June 6, 2013

Swimsuit Study

Loathed by most of the sane female population, the hunt for the perfect swimsuit is never an easy feat. Despite this fact, I almost always take joy in the face of a sartorial challenge. No matter the season, I will often gravitate towards the swim section of any retail store for just a quick browse. I really feel it's necessary to put in the proper time and commitment to finding a swimsuit that is not only comfortable but also, makes you look and more importantly, feel great. Because that's what summer is all about, ladies- feeling great! Besides, there is never (and I mean, NEVER) any harm in a quick browse. 
high-waisted bikini swimsuit fashion

high-waisted bikini bottom swimsuit fashion

high-waisted bikini swimsuit fashion

These photos were taken on a recent weekend getaway to San Diego and both top and bottom are from Joe Fresh. Enjoy!

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